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Sangha for Refuge + Resistance: Start a Study Group


Are you seeking refuge in community grounded in both spiritual and political practice? Bring together a group to study our free Refuge & Resistance class!

Study groups provide a basic structure for getting to know each other while we build trust. Peer-led groups give us all a chance to speak up, participate, and practice listening to our own inner wisdom. 

You can bring together a group locally or meet online with the magic of video conferencing!

Get Started

Find interested people

  • Are there members of your meditation center who are also interested in social justice?
  • Have some members of your political affinity group become interested in meditation or spiritual practice to strengthen resilience or practice self-care?
  • Do you have friends or acquaintances with a shared interest in Buddhism and politics?
  • A group size of 3-8 people is ideal

Pick a date & time

  • Use a scheduling tool to find a time that works for most participants (Doodle, When2Meet)
  • Plan to meet for 1.5-2 hours, especially so new groups can get to know each other
  • Make sure to schedule your second meeting by the end of your first meeting

Find a place for your first meeting



We’ll offer some basic questions to discuss when you meet, and you may also want to make time for people to share more personally about their lives and get in a little bit of meditation or other spiritual practice.

  • Welcome, introductions, check-ins: Each person shares about themselves (25-30 minutes)
  • Spiritual practice time (5-15 minutes)
  • Discussion (50-70 minutes)
  • Closing (5-10 minutes)

Other Considerations

There’s so much more you can think about when drawing together a new group — setting communication agreements, recruiting a diverse group, sharing facilitation and other leadership roles, discussing long term directions.

We plan to share more about our group practices through upcoming courses — for now, we encourage you to get started and try out having a 2-session group. Find out what comes easily to you, what is challenging, and what skills you hope to learn.

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