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Submission Guidelines

Turning Wheel Media is an interactive website engaged in the conversation between Buddhist teachings and issues of social justice and environmental awareness. We are particularly interested in stories and art that explore the ways that Buddhist practice informs compassionate action. We are also shifting toward prioritizing work with strong analysis of racism, gender and sexuality justice, ableism, capitalism / class war, and internationalism.

We publish material that promotes peace, social justice, environmental awareness, and social activism from the perspective of mindfulness and compassionate action.

Our focus is on writing from a Buddhist perspective, but we have found Buddhist resonances in the core beliefs of all spiritual traditions. In other words, if your writing is grounded in the compassion that arises from an awareness of the interconnectedness of all life, you may be writing from a Buddhist perspective even though you don’t identify as Buddhist. We are particularly interested in articles that are either grounded in personal experience, or are helpful and encouraging to others, or inspire compassionate activism.

Obviously, the more your work reflects these three qualities, the better. Our editorial bias is toward the experiential, and toward stories that exemplify how the personal is political, and the political is spiritual. And again, since the personal and political are shaped by social systems and structures, not just isolated individual experiences, we will be giving priority to works that show strong analysis of racism, gender and sexuality justice, ableism, capitalism / class war, and internationalism.

Language: Should be clear and accessible. Avoid academic styles, jargon, and flowery lyricism. No footnotes. Refrain from the utilization of polysyllabic signifiers whenever the message permits being communicated by monosyllabic signifiers. That is to say: Don’t use long words when short words will do.

Genres We Accept:

  • Nonfiction features
  • Personal essays
  • Interviews
  • Short fiction
  • Poetry
  • Artwork
  • Photos
  • Multi-media video or audio
  • Visual art and photography for the website should be in low-resolution (72 dpi) jpeg or png format.
  • Visual art and photography for the print offerings need to be high-resolution (300 dpi minimum).

    Length: For articles: 500 to 1,500 words. We do occasionally publish longer pieces, but send us an excerpt and a query if your submission is longer than 1,500 words. Query before submitting a media review (book, movie, website reviews).

    Deadlines: We are open to receiving your submission on Buddhism and social justice throughout the year.

    Submitting: Please find our rolling submissions, as well as specific themes and categories, here.

    We only respond to submissions we are considering for publication. However, feel free to check back with us about your submission after three months.

    Terms:  Turning Wheel Media has an international audience, so we are asking for more than North American rights. We also request the right to include any and all submissions in our downloadable print pdfs or subsequent anthologies after the initial appearance of your work on our website. After publication on Turning Wheel Media, copyright returns to the author.

    © 2017 Buddhist Peace Fellowship

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