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Support Buddhist Global Relief’s Efforts to Feed the Hungry

In 2007 the American Buddhist scholar-monk, Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi, was invited to write an editorial essay for the Buddhist magazine Buddhadharma. In his essay, he called attention to the narrowly inward focus of American Buddhism, which has been pursued to the neglect of the active dimension of Buddhist compassion expressed through programs of social engagement. Several of Ven. Bodhi’s students who read the essay felt a desire to follow up on his suggestions. After a few rounds of discussions, they resolved to form a Buddhist relief organization dedicated to alleviating the suffering of the poor and disadvantaged in the developing world.

Today’s post is a call to join any of the three upcoming walks to feed the hungry, and/or support BGR’s ongoing efforts.

Coming together in the spirit of good will and compassion to help others who really need it brings so much joy. We hope you will join us in one (or more) of the northern California Walks to Feed the Hungry supporting Buddhist Global Relief.  All the funds raised by these Walks are used to relieve chronic hunger and malnutrition, sometimes in the form of direct food aid, but most of the time striking at the roots of deep poverty. Every dollar will make a real difference, enabling children to eat, girls to go to school, farmers to grow more crops, and women to support their families through dignified work.

This year’s Walks are:

Sunday, October 6 in San Jose

Saturday, October 19 in San Francisco

Thursday, October 24 in Sacramento

To register or donate, visit


*Photo from the 2012 San Francisco Walk by Kevin Cheung. You can see more of his photos from the walk here.

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