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Thank You, Kenji Liu!

Thank You, Kenji Liu!

Have you been loving Kenji Liu’s writing as Guest Editor for Turning Wheel Media these past few months?

Yeah — we have, too.

In bygone, analog years of BPF, Kenji acted as Guest Editor for the much beloved Turning Wheel magazine.  So we were delighted this Spring when he agreed to take another turn, this time in our new cyber home (which, incidentally, he also designed!).

From sparking a bountiful discussion on Buddhist anarchism and anti-Orientalism, to reminding us that capitalism wants us to be happy, to sharing reflections on his own dhamma practice and experiences with mindfulness, masculinity, race, and politics, Kenji has blessed us with his poet’s ear and illustrator’s eye.

You can read all of Kenji’s Turning Wheel Media posts here.

Join us in wishing him a fond farewell as he continues on his path.  And as Mushim Ikeda has noted in comments, we are waiting and hoping (as much as one can wait and hope, without increasing suffering) for a Liu-authored engaged Buddhist book!

Much metta and solidarity,

Katie for Turning Wheel Media

Top photo by Vickie Vertiz

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Comments (2)

  • seth nathanson

    Thank you for sharing your insights. I have enjoyed your skill in gently exploring difficult subjects. As with all skilled teachers, it helped me to explore myself. May happiness and good fortune follow you.

  • Jeff

    Much respect, Kenji — your writings here really sang with human compassion and political vision. Bon voyage!

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