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Does Your Pet Project Need a Little Cash? The Pollination Project is Funding BPF Member Projects!

Growing Free Money on Flowers

Since BPF’s inception in 1978, the mandala of socially engaged Buddhism has blossomed. Today’s landscape of political Buddhism is rich and varied: Buddhists are working on global warming, mindfulness in prisons, organizing for freedom against colonial powers, ending global hunger, building an inclusive, social justice-oriented sangha, and accompanying Peace Communities in war-torn Colombia, among so many other things. While BPF can’t claim to have spearheaded even a fraction of those projects, we are proud to have served as a beacon of affirmation that politics and Buddhism can and do belong together.

This is why we are especially excited to announce a new partnership with The Pollination Project. The Pollination Project gives away $1,000 grants every day to individuals who are poised to use the money for social change projects that put consciousness and compassion into action.

The folks at The Pollination Project sought out BPF in particular, because they believe socially engaged Buddhists have good ideas that are right in their sweet spot for funding things like:

  • compassion towards all life (people, planet, animals)
  • environmental sustainability
  • justice in all of its forms
  • community health and wellness
  • putting consciousness into action
  • social change-oriented arts and culture

Do you have a small, grassroots effort or a fledgling idea that could benefit from a $1,000 investment?  Apply for a grant from The Pollination Project! They fund individuals, not established organizations; supplies and materials, but not people’s time. Check out their funding guidelines for more detail and to find out if your idea is eligible.

They would love to fund at least 5 projects from BPFers in the next three months, so be sure to mention you heard about this opportunity from us when you apply. If your project is centered around a strong analysis of racism, gender and sexuality justice, ableism, capitalism / class war, and/or internationalism – we’d especially love to talk with you about the possibility of nominating your project as one of BPF’s “priority recommendations.” Send an email to dawn at bpf dot org to explore this possibility.

Let us know in the comments if you are applying for a grant – we would all love to hear what you are working on!

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