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“We Do Not Live Single-Issue Lives”: Gun Violence

Occupy Albuquerque target

Image via Occupy Albuquerque

This week we’re taking inspiration from the wisdom of Black lesbian feminist theorist Audre Lorde, who said:

audre lorde single issue


Following yesterday’s look at nonviolent work around climate change, today we’ll look at another pressing issue:

Gun Violence

1. BPFers in New Mexico joined the families of shooting victims to oppose a national police gun and shooting competition in Albuquerque

police gun glock talk 

Read Áine’s account of the demonstration from her perspective as a practitioner at Upaya Zen Center.

2. BPFers in Oakland, California joined internationally-covered protests against police militarization trainings and weapons sales.


The Guardian: Police shop for military style weapons amid protests at Urban Shield Expo

150 protesters gather near annual conference in California, where companies that make drones and rifle scopes market to police and fire departments

Questions, comments, or concerns? Feel free to share in the thread below!

And stay tuned for tomorrow’s issue: Racial Justice.

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