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Welcome to BPF!

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Thank you for visiting BPF online! We’re excited to welcome you into a community of people passionate about the living, breathing intersections between Buddhadharma and social justice. Online and in person, we support one another in cultivating compassionate action towards attaining peace and justice in our world.

Take a look at some of our articles and videos, and feel free to share your wisdom in the comments section!

Deep bows for all you are doing and being.

Most Popular Articles

10 Principles of Our Radical Rebirth

by Katie Loncke

BPF’s recent “radical rebirth” is more than just a slogan. It’s an exciting and daunting project for us, and for the great people (you!) who are building this community with us. How do we put the Buddha’s teachings into action — in innovative, challenging, and joyful ways? It’s a tough puzzle sometimes, but here are 10 principles guiding us in this exciting and transformative moment.

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The Heart of Mindfulness: A Response to the New York Times

by Funie Hsu

Mindfulness is attracting a large U.S. following. A recent New York Times article, ‘Mindfulness: Getting its Share of Attention,’ details how techies, business owners, educators, and even U.S. Marines have turned to mindfulness as a way to quiet the mind. However, the particular brand of mindfulness that is gaining widespread acceptance serves to bolster long-standing systems of power.

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White Buddhist Race Talk

by Nathan G. Thompson

In general, the pattern is that whenever a post specifically zeroes in on whiteness, white supremacy, or racism in predominantly white sanghas, at least a few white readers will respond defensively. Or will in some way make a suggestion that focusing on race is dualistic, or divisive, or in some way or another ‘not Buddhist.’

As a Buddhist practitioner who is racialized as a ‘white man,’ I feel compelled to speak directly about some of this because I feel that our very collective liberation depends upon it. Read more >

The Influence of Orientalism on US Buddhism

by Kenji Liu

As an Asian American cultural critic and Buddhist practitioner, I have a finely tuned radar for phrases like ‘East-West,’ ‘East meets West,’ and other pithy phrases that set up a dichotomy between these two directions as if they were completely different, even complete opposites. To me, this is lazy thinking, though very much consistent with centuries of orientalist discourse. Read more >

5 Big Problems With Compassion Baiting

by Katie Loncke

Unfortunately, we spiritual-progressive types, including but not limited to dharma heads, seem to be particularly prone to something I call compassion-baiting.

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Embody Fierce Compassion: Buddhist Messages at the People’s Climate March

by Kritee

For many years, the two preoccupations of my life, ‘meditation practice’ and ‘environmental science,’ were two streams that ran parallel to each other.

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ACTION EXAMPLE: Compassionate Confrontation

Why Google Protesters Were Right to Disrupt Wisdom 2.0

by Katie Loncke

As three Google presenters took the stage to discuss mindfulness and tech at the annual Wisdom 2.0 conference, they found themselves interrupted by a handful of protesters unfurling a large banner.

After the protesters were yanked off stage by security, the Google presenters tried to recenter. ‘Check in with your body and see what’s happening. What it’s like to be around conflict with people with heartfelt ideas, that may be different than what we’re thinking.’

Sound advice, yes — very wise. And yet, something is missing.  Read more >

ACTION EXAMPLE: Compassionate Confrontation

Buddhists Blockade Hotel to Protest Police Military Training

On Sunday, August 31st, Buddhist Peace Fellowship and allies decided to stage a group meditation blockading the doors of a Marriott Hotel in Oakland, California. The reason? Police violence and institutionalized hatred.

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