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Welcome to Sex, Gender, Power Month on TWM

It sounds simple enough: I undertake the training to abstain from sexual misconduct.  We might think we know what the Third Precept on sexual misconduct looks like on an interpersonal level.  But how do we see systemic forms of sexist power and gender oppression affecting our societies on a broad scale?

We are excited to take this month, as part of our year-long Buddhist social justice curriculum, The System Stinks, to explore questions of gender, sexuality, social justice, and power from a Buddhist perspective.  Whether we work on war, climate change, or imprisonment, political Buddhists need to be savvy about the dynamics of power – particularly how unequal power becomes fixed into hierarchies of domination and control.  And whatever area of social justice calls forth our dedicated engagement, chances are we can find some link to the gender oppression — and potentials for liberation — permeating our societies.

Thank you for being with us!

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