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What are you prepared to do to resist climate change?

As the fight heats up this summer

over the proposed Keystone XL pipeline,

are we prepared to stand up and say no

to what’s been called

“game over” for earth’s climate?

BPF’s legacy, and our future, is one of Buddhists putting our bodies on the line, staying cool in the hot pressure cooker of direct action, drawing on spiritual wisdom and the depth of our practice. Through our connections together as a fellowship of Buddhist activists, we train our bodies and minds, share our stories, and come together across distance and difference to engage in compassionate confrontation and breath-by-breath building of a new world.

This year via The System Stinks curriculum, we’ve been preparing our minds to see clearly the systemic problems of lies, theft, divisive power, and warped perceptions that pave the pathway for climate disasters like the Keystone XL pipeline. You might have noticed that we’re beefing up our offerings on Eco Justice, with dispatches from the front lines of resistance to Keystone XL from aneeta mitha and in-depth reporting from Turning Wheel Media’s Guest Editor Nathan G. Thompson.

This summer, it’s time to take our study and investigation into direct action to stop Tar Sands extraction, the Keystone XL pipeline, and the devastating effects of capitalism’s insatiable devouring of our earth’s resources.

Join BPF as we say no to climate change & yes to the planet!

Bay Area:
Join fellow Bay Area BPFers this Saturday 10am to 1pm as we contribute our creative, compassionate confrontation (and hand-stenciled masks!) to the fight to stop tar sands and the Keystone XL Pipeline. We’ll be joining Richmond community groups and for a march, rally, and nonviolent direct action as part of Summer Heat actions happening across the US. Green Sangha will also be coming as a cohort, so there will be plenty of BPFer company to go around.

Saturday, August 3rd
10am outside Richmond BART

In Your Town:

I can’t think about anything besides climate change.” — BPF member

Keystone is the travesty that has me resolved to be out in the streets again.”  — BPF member

Will you join a Summer Heat action in your community (see map for locations)? Are you part of climate change resistance where you live? Do you have ideas about what you’d like to be involved in, if you can get others to join you? BPFers, let us know in the comments about the inspiring actions you are doing and dreaming up.

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Comments (2)

  • Jay Garces

    May the Light of a thousand Bodhisattvas shine forth tomorrow, radiating loving warmness into the Universe, thereby chillin’ this funky Planet. See y’all at Summer Heat — let’s do this!

  • Muhammed

    I shall join you in Richmond California, my friends.

    I was wondering, though: “I can’t think about anything besides climate change” is an example of working on a Buddhist koan, yes?

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