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What’s Next for Buddhist Peace Fellowship?

What’s Next for Buddhist Peace Fellowship?

For 40 years, Buddhist Peace Fellowship has blended Buddhist wisdom with social and ecological activism.

Today, at a time when spiritual and moral fortitude are especially crucial for facing worldwide strife, our vibrant community connects globally and locally — on the web, in the dharma hall, and out in the streets.


In 2018, we’re gearing up for:

Block Build Be

Teaching the BBB frame (Block harm and oppression; Build inspiring alternatives; and Be in alignment with ethics) this multi-day, annual program creates a living laboratory for combining our values of dharma and social justice.

Online Courses

Fortifying our minds & hearts with deep, rich, politically awake dharma talks for transforming and channeling our anger grief, sorrow and despair in frightening times.

BPF’s 40th Anniversary

Marking our 40th anniversary in 2018, we reflect back, envision forward, and invest in bold Buddhist action and compassion for intense years ahead.


Spiritual Activist Support

Supporting organizers committed to dharma, we prioritize efforts in racial, ecological, gender, and economic justice. We offer training and campaign assistance to Buddhists and friends active in demilitarization, queer and transgender freedom, indigenous sovereignty, environmental defense, migrant justice, and more.

As movement ancestor Grace Lee Boggs reminds us, “You don’t choose the times you live in, but you do choose who you want to be.”

Thank you for your continued support, blessings, and friendship in these intense times. We’re so grateful for your choice to be both Buddhist and activist, to be a BPFer, in these times.

If you’d like to be part of supporting this work, please make a donation to BPF today! All of our work is powered by donors like you who understand how this world comes alive when cared for by spiritual and political wisdom. Thank you for being a key part of this work!


Give $108 or more by December 31st and we’ll send you a BPF grocery bag to carry around town and remember to stay connected!

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