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Wise Disruption: Help 5 Cities Train in Dharma & Direct Action!

Calling all Wise & Politicized practitioners!

Today’s the day!

We’re kicking off a 30-day campaign to raise the funds for 5 BPF trainings in 5 cities.

New OrleansNew York CityOakland

RochesterSanta Fe

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While it might, on some levels, be expedient to keep our Buddhist and spiritual practice neatly separate and unsullied by political concerns, such separation is also… delusional.

I don’t mean delusional in the judgmental kind of way, or in the medical diagnosis kind of way. Moha, the delusion or ignorance that the Buddha named as one of the three poisons (flanked by greed and hatred) is completely commonplace and typical for all of us who’ve taken human birth. I have it; you have it. It’s the delusion and confusion of failing to understand.

Failing to understand what?

The realities of no-separation.

May I know that my peace and the world’s peace are not separate;

that our peace in the world is a result of our work for justice.

~ Maylie Scott, Metta Prayer

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Without inner change, there can be no outer change.

Without collective change, no change matters.”

~ angel Kyodo williams


Luckily, the Buddha also offered a way to overcome delusion: wisdom. (With the Eightfold Path as a handy recipe!)

At Buddhist Peace Fellowship, we believe that the path to wisdom is linked to social justice, in the sense that it means being attuned not only to our own personal suffering, but the suffering of a world menaced by racism, sexism, climate injustice, wars, poverty, and exploitation. We need deep spiritual practice, and we also need concrete tools for putting our compassion into action.


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Check out the campaign page, and help put Buddhist values of compassion into practice by contributing whatever feels right to you. No gift is too small — or too large!

In deep gratitude,

Katie Loncke & Dawn Haney

BPF Co-Directors

P.S. This month is a great time to give, as we’re giving away a number of perks as a thank you – BPF water bottles, animal wisdom postcards, and handcrafted tea. Also wisdom and practice gifts like a Weekly Wisdom email, Practice Buddies, and Direct Action Dana to sponsor the trainings. Thank you for considering a gift, you can donate at:

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